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Dear visitor,
We are a consulting company focused on midsized to larger companiesbased in the European continent.We are active since 2003 and are specialised in creating added value for clients. We believe strongly that business performance improvements very often have an IT impact and that a well run business cannot be run without an efficient IT architecture.
Our approach is no rocket science (we did not invent it ourselves either) but remains fairly pragmatical:

“See. Plan. Do. Check. …and do this continuously.”
We help you obtain insights into your business performance and/or efficiency. We do this :
·        Via Reviews on Business typology, Organisation and Business processes
·        Via Reviews on your Program, Project or Business Intelligence governance procedures & competences
·        Via Reviews on your existing ERP or BI implementations
·        Via our Quick Data Scans
Based on these insights, we assist you in defining the right projects that are considered as 'business critical'. Usually we define larger programs as well as quick wins within the context of clear and upfront set of objectives eg. Reducing Working Capital requirements, decreasing the stock levels, increasing cash levels, increasing customer facing time, etc...
In order to plan correctly and within the budget & time constraints, we also deliver recommendations on the organization & solution architecture needed.
For private equity companies and VC’s we assist in defining the 100-day plan but potentially also a 500-day plan and a 1000-day plan.

The projects defined are procedural, organisational ánd system oriented but we always take the most pragmatic approach. The times of huge resource pools and equally huge billing amounts are over.
Good program-, and project management allows efficient use of those resources and assures on time and on budget KPI’s. 
Customers want value for money, and this is what we bear in our core values. And as we saw that traditional professional service providers do not focus too much on reuse of solutions, we developed some of our own pre-packaged ERP, BI and mobile solutions based on SAP, Microsoft and Qlikview, some of the world leaders in business software
And then we measure our overall impact !

Enjoy your visit to our website.

But most of all, contact us for a more personal 'getting to know each other'.
Philippe Herau


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